My Dancing Boots

My friend and I went to a Disco
Saturday night, we danced till two;
She, on her dancing shoes
and I; on my favourite boots.

We danced like nobody till our body sweats,
We didn't mind other people as we enjoyed the heat;
Even though that the music seemed off the beat
still following the rhythm as my boots heard it tick.

The music played were not totally rocking
Every mouth speaks as I heard them complaining;
But my dancing boots didn't complain the song
rockin' and rockin' till ol' night long.

Rihanna's 'Please Don't Stop The Music, only played once
We went again and again to request on the DJ stand
But, that DJ- was really, totally, technically uncool-
He did put on "Macarena" like we swayed like a fool!

Anyway..anyway...'nough for that....!!!
Whenever I went to a disco, I wore my dancing boots
it made me dance like crazy and completely off the hook;
My brother-in-law used to call it, 'Hooker boots' (eeek..!)
Just laughed at the ‘sort of name’ for my dancing boots.

I enjoyed wearing it coz it makes me cool
It gives me confidence to stand, really tall (lolzzz--)
For the upcoming days, I know it will wear out;
For now, I relish the moments when the disco shouts!


Call of the Wild

Pretty sure, you've seen them (You may noticed I used "her/him"pronoun-instead of "it". I would like to think that they are part of this universe too, alive and kicking (not just another kinda of thing) . When I took a visit at the Toronto Zoo, they seemed so excited to see me. I couldn't stop clicking my camera, they were so lovable. If I could come inside and hug them (Yeah--,and they're going to eat me- lol!)
The Camel (With a Vow)

Matchie's Tree Kangaroo ( he ate something when i took this)

he was sleeping but i sneaked in....

Santa's Reindeer (on the loose from Santa's grip)

Przewalski's Horse (The Mongolian wild horse),
is the only wild horse in existence today.
Until recently,this species roamed the mountains
and deserts of Central Asia- but has not been seen in
the wild since 1968.

Just give him Banana, he seems fine with that! 
The Zebra (At last...)

when i took a picture of this monkey, he was showing off his acrobatic
move. He was doing it to impress (I guessed..)

Friendly Girraffe.... (Loved this one with a white dove)

He pee like a waterfalls (as in..really!)goshh..
'i still have lot of pictures: Jaguar, Cheetah, Tiger, Boar,
Lion, Snakes, and a lot more...but, i don't have time
for now...!!! Hope u enjoyed them!!...
Take care!