Voices in My Head

Surely I am sane,
Heck...I am not insane!
It's just these voices in my head,
screaming and yelling to freed;
begging and pleading for release,
trying to bail out from my brain cell
cracking and breaking in my neurotic shell.
Sometimes I don't even understand
how I formed those ferocious words?
I asked myself, "What's the purpose"?
Those words were stuck but
when it flows- really craps!
Sometimes, it's encouraging-
oftentimes, it's boring;
hundred times, it's sucks!
Like I couldn't retract,
inhale and exhale truly helps,
closing my eyes not to creep;
but these words are like a mower
ready to mow the owner--!
These voices in my head,
it bled and pleads-
probing and mocking
piercing inside my head.
it's some kinda of it lurks in me
deep in the nether regions of my soul,
down to mid-central of my core
i tried to to stop it, i ended up stupid;
I wriggled to make a trap,
Even battled to lock it up-!
But, my passions for writing
is never ending-
It's like a river of dreams, meet the streams
overflows freely towards the ocean
and finding the indescribable feeling of Neverland.