Weird Dream

Last night, I was up too late. My brain won't make me sleep. My eyes kept on glaring and staring at the walls. I tried to close it but my brain snapped it open. I reclined on my bed while my back leaning on the yellow paint wall and grabbed my laptop. I kept signing in and signing out. What was the used? I turned it off. Darkness invades. I switched on my night lamp to give me enough light. Midnight came. I went back to bed; hoping and wishing that sleep will claim me and sent me to nothingness. I knew that snowflakes kept on falling on my window pane. Turned. Flipped to one side. Then, the other side. I heard my heater's sound. I heard my brain talking, conversing the other side of my brain.  I closed my eyes, but my brain kept on saying something which I could n't grasped the words. Turning to one side, I kicked my blanket away. I hid my face on my pillow and controlled my breathing.


I was thinking about the blue skies and the blue beach while I was walking at the seashore and admiring the scene. Breathe. I imagined my feet touching the waves, playing with it while the birds flying across the sky. Breathe. I kept on thinking; picturing the scene of two lovers walking barefoot, their hands entwined. Breathe. They look so sweet and romantic. I could feel their love overflowing. I felt so good just picturing two people in such a sweet and wonderful paradise. Breathe. It made me smile and draw a deep satisfying sigh. Breathe. I heard melodious and lyrical voices. Slow voices. Tuneful. Pleasing. From mild to moderate- somebody was talking. A female voice. Kept on talking. Humming. Droning. Buzzing. Knocking at the door of my brain. Disturbance. Absurdity. I knocked it away.

Concentration spoilt. No more. Meditation walked out my door.

I sat on my bed, breathing continuously. Switched on the bedside lamp. Grabbed the unfinished "Twilight" book reading. Flip the pages, could understand nothing. Closed the book. Put it at the side table. So let the torture began. I avoided looking at the clock but I couldn't resist it. One o' clock was not hard enough. Would it be? Well, don't ask me. What else will people do when they couldn't sleep? Think. What would they think? The ten things that will make people sleep:

1. Meditation (Yeah, failed)
2. Open the fridge and eat sweets. (Fine, help me to gain weight)
3. Thinking about get naked on the bed(Nah- too cold)
4. Stars? (No stars)
5. What about snowflakes? ( I don't sweat it)
6. Watch TV ( No shows..., only commercials on hot babes encouraging people to call 'the heat')
7. Hearing snores. ( Nobody snores)
8. Counting from 1 to 100 ( I lose the counts)
9. Thinking my mom, my dad, my sisters, my family and friends Nah- the verdict? Guilty. I haven't called. So, skipped it)
10. The walls and the ceiling. I kept on staring.

Then, I drifted to sleep. But when I woke up at around seven 0'clock, I remembered my dream. I was dreaming of being pregnant to a horse. Heck... I dreamt about carrying a baby horse inside my tummy.

Yes, horse!

What the heck?