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CN Tower

I just want to captured it on a clear, sky blue background. 

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Gotta Love This Mug

Love it. Love it. Love it.
My drink gets tastier everyday.

To Write or Not to Write- That is the Question

To write or not to write, this is my endless question everyday as I travel with my life along with my thoughts. Blogging is a better way to unleash what's inside my mind. I don't know if I can call myself a writer. I read books and my mind is spinning what I need to write, but my hands and body wouldn't go along with my mind.  I really wanted to make my tardiness bleeds. I don't want to be lazy anymore. It makes me struggle to the point of blaming myself. Thus, insecurities takes place. 

Procrastination is one thing. That is the hardest to avoid. I keep on telling myself that I would write later and it turned out to write none at all. There were many yesterdays wasted. The now attitude is a positive antidote to fight against my laziness . I have to make it as a goal. I confessed many times to the sky or to anything that writing is my passion but, once I am overloaded with reasons and excuses, I stop exploring what is beyond. 

On the other hand, I would not only focus on …

Cherry Blossoms at High Park 2011

May is here and it is a month when Cherry Blossoms started to show its beauty. It is known as Japanese Cherry Hill CherryOriental Cherry or East Asian Cherry. It is sometimes called "Sakura".

Every year, many photo-journalist in Toronto would venture out and roam around in High Park at this time of  year to witness the blossoming wonders of the Cherry Blossoms. Yesterday, I went there equipped with my blissful camera. The weather was not that charming, but it doesn't mean that I could not take few pictures of the Cherry Blossoms. There were many people when I came, they were also taking photos and others were just sight seeing.

Here are my few takes without photoshop. Heaven knows how I don't like photoshop, but sometimes as the person explored the world of photography, photoshop is expected. However, the pictures below aren't photoshop because I wanted to post it originally as it taken. As I said earlier, weather was not that cooperative, it must have been gre…

The Rain


The clouds gathered, and the rain echoed its lullaby,
It has been raining for many days.
Every raindrops soaked not in the streets,
but in her heart. She dreamed of sunny,
blue sky envelop the expands of heaven.
Lost in thoughts, Spring days come rainy days.
She loved the smell of rain filling her nostrils,
but she missed the sunshine flooded on her face.
 The silent whisper of the cloudy sky signaled
the rain, betokens a desire to cry.
Again, she forgot to bring her umbrella.
How many times she has been reprimanded?
Looking up, the sky embraced its murky, dusty tone.
The rain leaking through its surface, whooshing around
The wind hush down the chills,
but the cold rain never know the hush of the wind.
Soaking wet, her toes curl and wet hair dripping
inside the car. Dark eyes glued at the sight of her.
Madly, he took the towel from his gym bag
Wiping off every raindrops off her hair. He felt her
cold skin against his warm skin, trembling in cold.
He wrapped her in his arms,…

Word Stuck

It seems like centuries that I haven't write anything in particular. I miss writing poetry and weird stuff. My tiny brain couldn't grasp any words that need to be understood. I have a bad feeling that my writing skill is limited compared to those who write regularly. I don't know if I can convince someone about my ability, if I still have it. Pray that my brain would function,  not technically but at least, normally.

I would not recommend procrastination as an option to stop writing. Though, it's not my reason why I shut off my blog temporarily. . Actually, the major reason why I stop writing for some time was that "I was lazy, too lazy as a matter of fact.  Very lazy to start anything and so lazy to think about someting. If laziness will strike at the door in your thought process, it becomes an enduring battle and struggle. Why Shakespear didn't spare any of his audience admiration? He has a lot of stamina, determination,  confidence and of course inborn poet…

The Star in Me

"Let the world wonder how awesome it is to be a flower captured by the beauty of your smiling petals"