Bad Story

Girl meets boy. The girl and the boy went on dates. From first, second and so on, then steady dating. The girl fall in love with his green eyes and everything. Vice versa. The boy did not know any reason why he loved the girl. He said, it just came. No butterflies but there was a feeling of love inside. Few months after, the boy went to the jewelry store and bought a ring, 24 carats diamond. He knelled down in front of the girl surrounded by many friends and he asked her to marry him. The girl said, "yes..." with her widest smile that reached the road to Monte Carlo. She was stunned, surprised and marked her calendar as the happiest moment in her life. She was very happy everyday,  wearing her content smiles. She planned for her wedding.  She contacted the best wedding coordinator in town. Expensive, you say? Yes, posh. She chose her perfect wedding gown. White shoes. And, everything. The boy did handle the budget. If the girl asked for anything, he was responsible enough to gave without a question. The day of the wedding came. She wore her so called perfect white-laced wedding dress with her beautiful smile in front of her groom. The groom himself was quite handsome like a lad from a Royal blood. In front of the pastor and many other witnesses, they shared the litany of the marriage ceremony or the wedding vows... 

"Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you, For where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. And where you die, I will die and there I will be buried. May the Lord do with me and more if anything but death parts you from me"

Ceremony ended. Foods and beverages were tasteful. And, everyone was very happy for the couple. The wedding had ended. So, the real life began. Few months after, the girl was contented and so happy with her husband until she stumbled upon her high-school sweetheart way back then. The girl's feeling towards her husband was clouded with the thoughts, "Did I marry my soul mate?" or she meant to be for someone from her past? Confusion and doubts colored her heart. Her high-school sweetheart pursued her to leave her husband and lived with him. Her husband was angry at first to know her plan. He was betrayed and dishonored but forgave her because of the reason that he loved her so much. Her husband fought and begged her to saved their marriage. But, the girl was too vulnerable for the other. So, she left him and lived with her high-school sweetheart. The husband's heart was crying for pain and hurt. The wreckage of pain was undeniably painful. He thought somebody brought a ship of large needles to pricked his heart. However, he recovered and went for another turn. Several months after, he went out again. He found someone, somebody with an awesome heart who help him healed the pain. The new girl's way of loving was explicit but sweet. Thoughtful and made him feel that love is lovelier the second person around. He was back to life again. Four months after, he received a call from his former wife. She confessed and asked for forgiveness. While crying on phone, she asked him if they could met somewhere. They met. She told him that she was wrong of leaving him and her high-school sweetheart was not really meant for her. If he could give her another chance to start again. He just looked at her and said, "I found someone else, already".

The girl wept. He told her about the divorce paper. The girl ran away and hid to a lonely place.


The Brushing and Flossing Regimen

Why on earth it's very important? And, why the dentist always remind their patient to do it regularly? Check-up, cleaning, brushing, flossing and etc. Heck, one of the countless reason why you need to listen to your dentist is that...going to a dentist once you know that your teeth need a whole repair would cost you to swipe your credit card or might make your paycheck disappeared in just one go. Yeah, people- it's bloody expensive. Especially in Canada, dentists will gain a lot of income by just for one patient. Imagine if you have a hole that needs to fill, it cost you a hundred plus bucks or more. Depends on the area and the result of the x-ray.

"Recently, I went to a dentist to have my whole teeth examined and oh-my-holy-teeth, the cost made my teeth broken into pieces. Okay, no kidding but what I mean was, it made my wallet lost its value. The fault was mine though, I never thought that flossing is very important."

 How to maintain healthy teeth and gums:

  • Brush your teeth. Everyday. Three times a day to eliminate the tiny food in between your teeth. If you have the guts to tell it to the young kids, then you also have the power to do it. There's no harm in it. In fact, it is very beneficial. Don't be lazy. Teeth is very much important in order to maintain a very healthy lifestyle.

  • Floss. Floss after you brush. There are residue in between your teeth that cannot be remove by just brushing. It needs a floss to get those. Once it stays there for such a long time, it is the cause of the weakening of the walls of your teeth. And, it develops into cavity which cause toothache and other problems.
  • Use Mouthwash. Don't use mouthwash only when you go out for a date. Use it regularly after brushing and flossing. It helps to eliminate tartar, plaque and other problems. It also freshen your breath.

Guess what? It seems that one should suffer first from any tooth problems before one realized the importance of it.


A Woman of Purpose

A woman without a purpose is like a tempestuous wind-- sometimes passionate, oftentimes uncontrolled, without knowing the limit. There are times that she becomes wild, which leads her to become impulsive, violent, and hysterical about the decisions in life. But, a woman of purpose is someone who can calm a tempestuous wind. She knows when to become passionate and when to draw her lines. She knows how to balance her decision without hurting the other. What drives her life? Hope, faith and love.

A woman of purpose lives:

  • She lives not in the past.
  • She understand guilt but she's not living by guilt.
  • She can feel the anger but not living through it.
  • Fear is natural for her but it's not her reason to stop.
  • She aims life through God's wisdom than the world can offer.
  • She doesn't need people's approval or what people may say.
  • She follows good lead and she know her way through it.
  • She stands on righteousness for everyone's sake.
  • She walks with purpose.

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised"
Proverbs 31:30

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The Child and the Swing

Yesterday, while watching a little girl in a pink bonnet and pink mittens, her soft- creamy scarf knotted neatly on her neck, with her hands gripping the chain attach to the swing, swung freely and cheerfully--- I saw her smiles, her small-uneven teeth and her unexplained happiness- how pure were her smiles, her deepest blue eyes admiring every pushed her mother made. Pure laughter. Little giggles. Pure child. Pure heart.

Admiring the view and listening to her sweet laughter, my eyes were glued not on the child alone. My mind wanders through the swing, it was coming back and forth. Back and forth. The squeaking of metal, the rattling of the chains. The sounds. The snowflakes. And, the winds. Did she mind at all? She didn’t noticed. Careless. Carefree. And, happy.

How I thought? How I wonder? Like the child and the swing, it described its meaning. Like me and the time. I was swinging through time, catching all the events of my life, watching the snow coming and going, wishing it to go away- never even appreciate its glory. How ungrateful I become? Catching the bus, chasing the train, running back and forth in the subway. Did I even appreciate the day? How I dream that like a child I can laugh purely as the winter pours? Like a child I can giggle the day as the time goes, like a child I let the time comes and enjoy it as far as it goes.

Yes, you can never buy the time. You can’t retrieved it, either. But, would I barter my happiness because I’m catching and moving to and fro with time?

Like a child, how I dream to enjoy every ride….of my life!

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Romance vs. Reality

The first time I set my eyes upon him, I thought it was "Love at first sight". Geezz, geezz... that was I thought. Ahh, well? Who would not? Hot, gorgeous, Oh crap- tantalizing eyes that took my breath away. And, lips that could launch thousand lips (tsek!tsek!) Butterflies in my stomach (flipping inside and out), Heart beats like a tambourine (tsug! tsug!) and I can't take my eyes off him (whatta me?) Huh?

The worse thing about Italians, they know that they are at the top attractive people on earth, according to the study of "Whose the most good looking, gorgeous hot specimen on earth". In the book "Eat, Pray and Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, she described Italian as "Devishly attractive, Cruelly handsome and surprisingly muscular" (wow) And yes, I truly admit whole heartedly that I was once a victim of such cruelly handsome Italian guy (too cool to be real, as a matter of fact). But yeah, I was and yes too bad!

You know when you like someone, it seems like everything smells better, the sour foods taste even better, the darkness seems even brighter? (ha!- true!) However, too good to be true and too bad to be real. When bad things happen to a girl whose foolishly, madly, insanely tought she was in love? Very unhealthy. Foolish may be... but (oh dude, a freakin' great feeling)...
And, forgetting your own standards could be a bad sign that you become 'Fool in Love'. Was it love? (Who would think about what is and how is when your mind kept on playing his looks, his smile, his lip, his voice, his eyes? Ahh, not me--and yes, I'm a liar)

Was I too foolish to believed that he likes me like the way I liked him? Hmn, "I like what I see", that was his lines and yeah, it was flattering (*grinned*) Ooppss...if you think that two people like each other would it be 'they live happily ever after'? ( A big question mark about that happy ending?) When boy meets girl, there's a chance that boy meets another girl or girl meets another boy) Uhu? Yeah! 50-50! Chances are real and reality keeps on knocking on the tablet of your soul. Okay (meeh) Keep dreamin!

Aha! Bulls eye? (ahm- excuse my language). When you realized about everything that it happens too quick, you thought it was real-- the feeling, the attraction and oh damn the smell...! ---Uhu? Was I stupid enough to believed and listen to my own ridiculous feelings? Yeah, almost! But,-- when a person admits or true to himself about telling you straight ..., like "you only fit on my bed baby" or "Open your legs when I see you"? (Aha!) It seemed like you were at the top of Mt. Everest claiming for victory but when the wind was too overwhelming, strucked you down and rolled you like a toilet paper till cut and bruises will hurt you too deep. (Okay, what am I saying?) Nah, forget it!

(Whoah, it seemed like somebody gave you a hard punch) !! Feelings and attraction vanished, made you feel desperate to make him a punching bag......
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Alarm clock sounded. Too loud. Yawned. Still, sleepy. Stretched arms. Yawned. Went back to bed. Wishing for more sleep. Sleep. Snore.Slumber. Drifted. It alarmed again for five times. Earsplitting. Hit the button. Yawned. Sat on bed. Time to go.


Monday blues.


Winter/Snow blues


Manic Mondays.

A cup of coffee would make me feel good.

Thanks goodness for the guy who invented the coffee.

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Weird Dream

Last night, I was up too late. My brain won't make me sleep. My eyes kept on glaring and staring at the walls. I tried to close it but my brain snapped it open. I reclined on my bed while my back leaning on the yellow paint wall and grabbed my laptop. I kept signing in and signing out. What was the used? I turned it off. Darkness invades. I switched on my night lamp to give me enough light. Midnight came. I went back to bed; hoping and wishing that sleep will claim me and sent me to nothingness. I knew that snowflakes kept on falling on my window pane. Turned. Flipped to one side. Then, the other side. I heard my heater's sound. I heard my brain talking, conversing the other side of my brain.  I closed my eyes, but my brain kept on saying something which I could n't grasped the words. Turning to one side, I kicked my blanket away. I hid my face on my pillow and controlled my breathing.


I was thinking about the blue skies and the blue beach while I was walking at the seashore and admiring the scene. Breathe. I imagined my feet touching the waves, playing with it while the birds flying across the sky. Breathe. I kept on thinking; picturing the scene of two lovers walking barefoot, their hands entwined. Breathe. They look so sweet and romantic. I could feel their love overflowing. I felt so good just picturing two people in such a sweet and wonderful paradise. Breathe. It made me smile and draw a deep satisfying sigh. Breathe. I heard melodious and lyrical voices. Slow voices. Tuneful. Pleasing. From mild to moderate- somebody was talking. A female voice. Kept on talking. Humming. Droning. Buzzing. Knocking at the door of my brain. Disturbance. Absurdity. I knocked it away.

Concentration spoilt. No more. Meditation walked out my door.

I sat on my bed, breathing continuously. Switched on the bedside lamp. Grabbed the unfinished "Twilight" book reading. Flip the pages, could understand nothing. Closed the book. Put it at the side table. So let the torture began. I avoided looking at the clock but I couldn't resist it. One o' clock was not hard enough. Would it be? Well, don't ask me. What else will people do when they couldn't sleep? Think. What would they think? The ten things that will make people sleep:

1. Meditation (Yeah, failed)
2. Open the fridge and eat sweets. (Fine, help me to gain weight)
3. Thinking about get naked on the bed(Nah- too cold)
4. Stars? (No stars)
5. What about snowflakes? ( I don't sweat it)
6. Watch TV ( No shows..., only commercials on hot babes encouraging people to call 'the heat')
7. Hearing snores. ( Nobody snores)
8. Counting from 1 to 100 ( I lose the counts)
9. Thinking my mom, my dad, my sisters, my family and friends Nah- the verdict? Guilty. I haven't called. So, skipped it)
10. The walls and the ceiling. I kept on staring.

Then, I drifted to sleep. But when I woke up at around seven 0'clock, I remembered my dream. I was dreaming of being pregnant to a horse. Heck... I dreamt about carrying a baby horse inside my tummy.

Yes, horse!

What the heck?