Rock the Night

Dancing to the beat of music,
Laughter and sweats composed the beat,
Disco sounds rocked the night,
Rave music, spirit’s high
Body moved heat to heat.
Mr DJ played the song,
Disco music all along--
Body sway, to and fro
Shake and tremble
Shoved it long.
Dripping sweat,
Drenched his shirt
Hard rock music, all were set.
Breathing deep,
numbness felt.
A sudden jolt,
increase the speed-
Bolted his body on the floor,
Sudden weakness comes along;
Tingling sensations in his face,
Arm or leg bolted his feet.
Loss of speech, vision blur,
Particularly in one part of his eye.
Stroke attacked!

Call 911---

"i was studying the signs and symptoms of stroke, then---my mind was wandering to the disco house (like i want to go dancing tonight--ya know?, TGIF--thanks God it's Friday)---; so i tried to collaborate 'stroke attack and disco'---" hehehe--found it funny after i wrote it"----, huh---never find the writing so boring--somehow it ease my thoughts and comfort my mind"


What's Wrong?

went to a store one late afternoon ----
bought a present or a gift---
met the owner----
while browsing and checking out the perfect gift----
he approached----"this one is perfect for a gift'-----
looked at it----it was indeed great------.

paid for it on the cashier's corner---
yet his eyes roaming, so near---
met his eyes---dark and round---
swiped the debit card ---and waiting around----
stamped the feet---waited a bit---
then he asked something out its wit!

"are you married?'
eyes wondering, replied; "No"
"do you have a boyfriend?"
stranger asked personal questions,
---sounds weird----!?
"Why?" asked by his----

"What why?"-
confused a little bit----
ignored it.

waited the item---took a moment.

"A ********* girl like you should get married", he added.
---"you should get a boyfriend", as he continued.
---he told his story---; he migrated from this country,
long years back---, work hard; buy and sell---and now,
owned two stores; one in Sheppard Ave and--
one in Victoria Pk. Ave---then, now---
"I'm looking for a wife"

----wanted to get out from the store----
rushing the time---quickly and possibly---
got the card--checked out---
he gave his number----!!
headed out----

"Call me"

she escaped again...
again and again---
she always do this,
from different encounters,
and from friends to friends---
or was it in the wrong timing?
or something's wrong....
what's wrong?

puzzled and confused
she also asked herself, "why?"
she heard those questions many times;
heard from strangers, friends, encounters
from time to times,
it was funny how the store owner
made her mulled over those questions again---
...why she could not find the answer?
the question's hanging...!
entirely, completely making her insane!

...was it her past that let her stay that way?
was her heart badly bruise that she drifts away?
afraid to love again? or afraid to be alone away?
she felt so free and contented, feel so happy and gay--
yet those questions--asking,
pleading for an answer---begging,
yearning to please---;

she asked herself, "what's wrong to stay this way?"
yet--- deep deep deep deep down, she wanted to
find the answers----

what makes her think that she's happy?
she joked, laughed, danced and sing around---
she tried to be joyful to encouraged everyone,
But--is she real? Is she true to herself?
Or she just hide something in order to stand?
beneath the shelves of happiness,
there were rooms for loneliness;
she knew it, she knows--she's hiding it.
she tried to hide it by her sweetest smiles,
and win her friends, encounters and families without a sigh.

--then again, those obvious signs,
telling her again--
asking out--heading out--
hangin' out---
calling her-- checking her,
she knew it-- she just ignored it,
or she just waiting the real spark?

somehow...she's afraid,
to love again? to trust?
give herself fully?
or to find her way back to the past.

or is it her ignorance?
stupidity and inanity?
or her acquired brain insanity?

something's wrong with her,
she know it--
she just couldn't figure what it is,
can't point her finger on---!!!

or maybe she just waiting...
the perfect timing---the real time,
to bloom, to fit, to protect, to care
and to love fully through the phase of time!