The Rights of Women

...in simple terms, let's analyze and scrutinize all of these rights one by one..., you may be against or may agree with me, but well?

i was reading this book, (very very very old book, 1976- yah! too old), 'how to be an assertive, not aggressive woman'.

1. the right to have rights and stand up for them (oh yes, women need this!)

2. the right to dignity and self-respect (every woman do)

3. the right to consider your own needs (yes, in proper perspectives)

4. the right to self-fulfillment (too brainy is not that bad, ehh?)

5. the right to accept challenges (so, i have a right to take risk, make mistakes, and learn from every life's challenges) Sounds cool!

6. the right to determine your own life-style (so, i don't have to apologize or to explain why I'm still single?) Hmnn--

7. the right to change yourself, your behaviour, values, life situations ( well...? i don't have to feel guilty if i'm unpredictable or erratic?- okay, scapegoat- (hehe)

7.1: the right to reply to rudeness (yah, hold your tongue fellas-! women may bite back and yah by words)

7.2: the right to spend money you didn't earn (ahh, i like this but will anyone give me money to spend?)

7.3: the right to be successful (oh yeah, climb the ladder, reach the top and be ambitious)

7.4: the right to select and reject dates (oouch... ) Well? lol--:) , it sounds mean, ehh?

7.5: the right to split the household chores (hmn, does not apply to me!)

7.6: the right to be left alone ( yah, leave me alone--will yah?)

7.7: the right to ask information (yah, in case were lost, information shouldn't be barred)

7.8: the right to reject impossible situations (hmn, so we can escape from complicated situations)

7.9: the right to date a younger man (lol:_) , ekk- now, i love the author)

8. the right to keep your sexual actions to yourself (hmnn--tempting!, lol)

9. the right to say yes or no ( for what? , read the book)

10. the right to stand up for yourself! (to sit-down too?)

These are just simple, inalienable rights that every woman should know. There are countless of rights or women's rights which are applicable for all women around the world. Yet, sad to say that most women are afraid to speak for their rights.


and..., in addition to---a man should listen to a woman: why?

A woman is driving at night on a narrow road .. At the same time, a man is driving in the opposite direction on that same road.

When they narrowly pass each other, the woman rolls down her window and loudly yells, "HORSE!" Immediately, the man shouts back, "Witch!"The man laughs. He is proud to have reacted so quickly to the shouting woman and takes the next turn in the road, maintaining his speed.

Moral of the story:
Men never listen, and when they do, they don't understand one word a woman says.


Goodbye, For The Last Time

Parting words are never been so easy
But then again you made me say;
I wish I didn’t say I can’t move on,
I will not say again I keep hanging on;
I am tired of saying the same old reason,
Then I‘m back again, still holding on,
The same memories, the same heartaches;
On the same love with the trace of your face.
Engulfed with sadness and painful memories
Flooded by hurt and a cavity of bitterness.
The pain of saying goodbye,
Is the painful feeling I can’t deny;
Just when I say my last goodbye
My heart aches betoken to cry:
Just when my eyes no longer know the tears,
One teardrop’s falling, then again it sheds.
But my mind is stronger than any of this madness,
I will say it again, for one last time;
I will say it now, my heart’s goodbye!
Once again, for the last heck of time
I will say this word, for one last sigh,
Goodbye to you and this is the last;
Goodbye my lover, it’s time to mend.
It’s the saddest word my heart can hear,
But it’s the healthy word my mind can bear;
I no longer dream of the promises that failed,
I mustn’t regret of the last word said.
Through all this year that I’ve been through?
My mind was wandering out of the blue,
Stick and stones may break bones but
lies will break a heart with such pretensions.
In all the twist of agonizing sensation,
I have to stop it now for all damn reason.
It’s better to say and wave goodbye
Than to hear my heart twinge and cry.
You will be soon fade away,
Like the sand where the seas brush it away,
The marks of your footsteps no longer exist,
The scars you created will soon vanish.
As the birds in the sky spread its wings;
And as the clouds forming for another change;
Like the mist in the morning disappears;
I walk freely without the tears of your memories.