The Rights of Women

...in simple terms, let's analyze and scrutinize all of these rights one by one..., you may be against or may agree with me, but well?

i was reading this book, (very very very old book, 1976- yah! too old), 'how to be an assertive, not aggressive woman'.

1. the right to have rights and stand up for them (oh yes, women need this!)

2. the right to dignity and self-respect (every woman do)

3. the right to consider your own needs (yes, in proper perspectives)

4. the right to self-fulfillment (too brainy is not that bad, ehh?)

5. the right to accept challenges (so, i have a right to take risk, make mistakes, and learn from every life's challenges) Sounds cool!

6. the right to determine your own life-style (so, i don't have to apologize or to explain why I'm still single?) Hmnn--

7. the right to change yourself, your behaviour, values, life situations ( well...? i don't have to feel guilty if i'm unpredictable or erratic?- okay, scapegoat- (hehe)

7.1: the right to reply to rudeness (yah, hold your tongue fellas-! women may bite back and yah by words)

7.2: the right to spend money you didn't earn (ahh, i like this but will anyone give me money to spend?)

7.3: the right to be successful (oh yeah, climb the ladder, reach the top and be ambitious)

7.4: the right to select and reject dates (oouch... ) Well? lol--:) , it sounds mean, ehh?

7.5: the right to split the household chores (hmn, does not apply to me!)

7.6: the right to be left alone ( yah, leave me alone--will yah?)

7.7: the right to ask information (yah, in case were lost, information shouldn't be barred)

7.8: the right to reject impossible situations (hmn, so we can escape from complicated situations)

7.9: the right to date a younger man (lol:_) , ekk- now, i love the author)

8. the right to keep your sexual actions to yourself (hmnn--tempting!, lol)

9. the right to say yes or no ( for what? , read the book)

10. the right to stand up for yourself! (to sit-down too?)

These are just simple, inalienable rights that every woman should know. There are countless of rights or women's rights which are applicable for all women around the world. Yet, sad to say that most women are afraid to speak for their rights.


and..., in addition to---a man should listen to a woman: why?

A woman is driving at night on a narrow road .. At the same time, a man is driving in the opposite direction on that same road.

When they narrowly pass each other, the woman rolls down her window and loudly yells, "HORSE!" Immediately, the man shouts back, "Witch!"The man laughs. He is proud to have reacted so quickly to the shouting woman and takes the next turn in the road, maintaining his speed.

Moral of the story:
Men never listen, and when they do, they don't understand one word a woman says.


  1. is that true? yung story and picture?

    that's hilarious!!!

    sure iadd din kita sa blogroll ko.. thanks

  2. hahaha!!

    i'm agree with u dear...

    Man never listen!

  3. gillboard: (lol)--yah, man should listen! hehe)

    Take care!

  4. hehehe..if the man will not listen kick their ass..lol

  5. hahaha--geezz! kick ba ga? Hmnn--:-)

  6. May I invite you to join Filipinos Unite!!!. You may do so by commenting on my blog or by sending an email to melalarilla@gmail.com stating your name, address, name of blog and it's url. I will appreciate it very much if you will join. Thank you very much and God bless.

  7. Oh shocks! geez... horse nga nasagasaan, hehehehe. I do believe that man and woman are equal, but as a "biologically"-guy I have my own biases, same thing with you ladies.

  8. Alarilla: Yah, is that a union? if it is--i am out bt i will visit on ur blog though..!

    Take care!

  9. Dudong: Yah, we're all the same- men and women; yet! we have different instinct! Mostly, men pampered women that's why they are spoiled, sometimes!...hehe (lol..:) right?

  10. very true. nasanay. like for example, may girl na nag paparinig na kung may gentle men daw bang mag papaupo sa kanya sa MRT. Lucky for her may nagmagandang loob. but then no simple "thanks" and narinig sa kanya. Minsan some of the ladies thought that it's a man's obligation na pagbigyan sila. but the truth is you've been fighting for equality and this will never come into reality unless you accepted that together with it the "pampering" thing will be forgotten. (ung sa special cart sa MRT for example, pede naman un for kids, elderly and disabled lang diba?

    yep nasa blog roll na kita.

  11. well men never listen for women never speak; they blabber :)

  12. Dudong: Haha! puede nga..bt as u know we were used to it! Take care--:_)

  13. mohitparikh: --women speak, it's just that men don't listen. And even though they listen, they can't understand women! lol:_)

    Other girls blabber and others don't! Every women are different though

    take care---

  14. Why call it "rights of women"

    Everybody has rights . . .
    And everybody should exercise them appropriately when needed

    (I see men and women equal in every way... So why label rights as "somebody's rights" .... My Logic @ work)

  15. Hey you sound good.so what i have done is that i have added your blog link to my blog.so friend you also add my link to your blog.let us share our experiences....ok friend see you in the next post bye takecare.

  16. Sukla M C: Yah, everyone has rights, it's just that i specifically write women's right! and from what the book sai...

    take care!

  17. Prakash: Sure, i added u too...

    Thanks and take care!


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