Romance vs. Reality

The first time I set my eyes upon him, I thought it was "Love at first sight". Geezz, geezz... that was I thought. Ahh, well? Who would not? Hot, gorgeous, Oh crap- tantalizing eyes that took my breath away. And, lips that could launch thousand lips (tsek!tsek!) Butterflies in my stomach (flipping inside and out), Heart beats like a tambourine (tsug! tsug!) and I can't take my eyes off him (whatta me?) Huh?

The worse thing about Italians, they know that they are at the top attractive people on earth, according to the study of "Whose the most good looking, gorgeous hot specimen on earth". In the book "Eat, Pray and Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, she described Italian as "Devishly attractive, Cruelly handsome and surprisingly muscular" (wow) And yes, I truly admit whole heartedly that I was once a victim of such cruelly handsome Italian guy (too cool to be real, as a matter of fact). But yeah, I was and yes too bad!

You know when you like someone, it seems like everything smells better, the sour foods taste even better, the darkness seems even brighter? (ha!- true!) However, too good to be true and too bad to be real. When bad things happen to a girl whose foolishly, madly, insanely tought she was in love? Very unhealthy. Foolish may be... but (oh dude, a freakin' great feeling)...
And, forgetting your own standards could be a bad sign that you become 'Fool in Love'. Was it love? (Who would think about what is and how is when your mind kept on playing his looks, his smile, his lip, his voice, his eyes? Ahh, not me--and yes, I'm a liar)

Was I too foolish to believed that he likes me like the way I liked him? Hmn, "I like what I see", that was his lines and yeah, it was flattering (*grinned*) Ooppss...if you think that two people like each other would it be 'they live happily ever after'? ( A big question mark about that happy ending?) When boy meets girl, there's a chance that boy meets another girl or girl meets another boy) Uhu? Yeah! 50-50! Chances are real and reality keeps on knocking on the tablet of your soul. Okay (meeh) Keep dreamin!

Aha! Bulls eye? (ahm- excuse my language). When you realized about everything that it happens too quick, you thought it was real-- the feeling, the attraction and oh damn the smell...! ---Uhu? Was I stupid enough to believed and listen to my own ridiculous feelings? Yeah, almost! But,-- when a person admits or true to himself about telling you straight ..., like "you only fit on my bed baby" or "Open your legs when I see you"? (Aha!) It seemed like you were at the top of Mt. Everest claiming for victory but when the wind was too overwhelming, strucked you down and rolled you like a toilet paper till cut and bruises will hurt you too deep. (Okay, what am I saying?) Nah, forget it!

(Whoah, it seemed like somebody gave you a hard punch) !! Feelings and attraction vanished, made you feel desperate to make him a punching bag......
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Alarm clock sounded. Too loud. Yawned. Still, sleepy. Stretched arms. Yawned. Went back to bed. Wishing for more sleep. Sleep. Snore.Slumber. Drifted. It alarmed again for five times. Earsplitting. Hit the button. Yawned. Sat on bed. Time to go.


Monday blues.


Winter/Snow blues


Manic Mondays.

A cup of coffee would make me feel good.

Thanks goodness for the guy who invented the coffee.

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