Rock the Night

Dancing to the beat of music,
Laughter and sweats composed the beat,
Disco sounds rocked the night,
Rave music, spirit’s high
Body moved heat to heat.
Mr DJ played the song,
Disco music all along--
Body sway, to and fro
Shake and tremble
Shoved it long.
Dripping sweat,
Drenched his shirt
Hard rock music, all were set.
Breathing deep,
numbness felt.
A sudden jolt,
increase the speed-
Bolted his body on the floor,
Sudden weakness comes along;
Tingling sensations in his face,
Arm or leg bolted his feet.
Loss of speech, vision blur,
Particularly in one part of his eye.
Stroke attacked!

Call 911---

"i was studying the signs and symptoms of stroke, then---my mind was wandering to the disco house (like i want to go dancing tonight--ya know?, TGIF--thanks God it's Friday)---; so i tried to collaborate 'stroke attack and disco'---" hehehe--found it funny after i wrote it"----, huh---never find the writing so boring--somehow it ease my thoughts and comfort my mind"


  1. Let's Rock and Roll!


    I love the way u wrote this dear!

    *single life is great..^0^

  2. that's an artist!
    you manage to put into poetry what you are studying.
    is it your strategy to keep it in your memory?

  3. hehe--I sucked my test though---didn't read the instruction--

    So useless--- yet, it's okay!

    Take care--

  4. liked the relation between stroke and disco...:)


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