Cherry Blossoms at High Park 2011

May is here and it is a month when Cherry Blossoms started to show its beauty. It is known as Japanese Cherry Hill CherryOriental Cherry or East Asian Cherry. It is sometimes called "Sakura".

Every year, many photo-journalist in Toronto would venture out and roam around in High Park at this time of  year to witness the blossoming wonders of the Cherry Blossoms. Yesterday, I went there equipped with my blissful camera. The weather was not that charming, but it doesn't mean that I could not take few pictures of the Cherry Blossoms. There were many people when I came, they were also taking photos and others were just sight seeing.

Here are my few takes without photoshop. Heaven knows how I don't like photoshop, but sometimes as the person explored the world of photography, photoshop is expected. However, the pictures below aren't photoshop because I wanted to post it originally as it taken. As I said earlier, weather was not that cooperative, it must have been great if the sun were shining and the sky was blue.

It was perfect timing when I took a shot of the bird above the Cherry Blossoms. 

The sky was smoky grey. 

I thought at first it's totally  pink, but it is slightly pinkish. 

yet...it's absolutely white. 

Lovers were also enjoying the view and forgive me if I sneaked. (just hoping that they would not stumble upon my blog :-) 

though the weather was not that great, the amazing Cherry Blossoms gave the whole park a glow. 

i definitely stole a shot when this girl pose for a picture. 

it was an amazing experience how this beautiful cherry blossoms smiled at my camera. 

totally loved its color..

i was really looking for a good focus when I stumbled on this one. 

I will definitely come back when some of the petals would turn to slightly pink or into more pinkish before it's gone. I hope the weather would also open up and shared its brightness for my next visit. 

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