Word Stuck

It seems like centuries that I haven't write anything in particular. I miss writing poetry and weird stuff. My tiny brain couldn't grasp any words that need to be understood. I have a bad feeling that my writing skill is limited compared to those who write regularly. I don't know if I can convince someone about my ability, if I still have it. Pray that my brain would function,  not technically but at least, normally.

I would not recommend procrastination as an option to stop writing. Though, it's not my reason why I shut off my blog temporarily. . Actually, the major reason why I stop writing for some time was that "I was lazy, too lazy as a matter of fact.  Very lazy to start anything and so lazy to think about someting. If laziness will strike at the door in your thought process, it becomes an enduring battle and struggle. Why Shakespear didn't spare any of his audience admiration? He has a lot of stamina, determination,  confidence and of course inborn poetical adepthness.

I don't dream to be Shakespeare like or be someone like him. It's far from my dream of becoming someone who knows through the words. Shakespeare's talent was beyond words. Until now, it's still alive. His works were his masterpiece.

Oftentimes, I am words stuck, taking a pause on what's next. Other people called it mental block but I preferred "word stuck".

Well, too many words said but I just wanted to say that I want to re-open my blog.


  1. I am waiting...write soon :D

  2. Thanks Rainboy. I'm trying my best to bury my laziness a hundred feet under the ground.

  3. Hi MLM,

    I'm also one waiting and checkin' up on this blog of yours. :)

  4. Where have you been? It's good to hear from you again!

    I can't find where to leave the comment in the first post, but you're not alone in questioning life's many troublesome. I've been doing the same, but then we just have to march on!


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