The Rain


The clouds gathered, and the rain echoed its lullaby,
It has been raining for many days.
Every raindrops soaked not in the streets,
but in her heart. She dreamed of sunny,
blue sky envelop the expands of heaven.
Lost in thoughts, Spring days come rainy days.
She loved the smell of rain filling her nostrils,
but she missed the sunshine flooded on her face.
 The silent whisper of the cloudy sky signaled
the rain, betokens a desire to cry.
Again, she forgot to bring her umbrella.
How many times she has been reprimanded?
Looking up, the sky embraced its murky, dusty tone.
The rain leaking through its surface, whooshing around
The wind hush down the chills,
but the cold rain never know the hush of the wind.
Soaking wet, her toes curl and wet hair dripping
inside the car. Dark eyes glued at the sight of her.
Madly, he took the towel from his gym bag
Wiping off every raindrops off her hair. He felt her
cold skin against his warm skin, trembling in cold.
He wrapped her in his arms, tightly secured.
She heard him scolding her. Again and again.
Brown eyes met his, penetrating deeply and smiled.
Seeing her smile, it took his breath away.
Deeply he breathed, nodded his head and surrendered
He started the engine and drove toward highway 401.